JOSPERS STEAKHOUSE RESTAURANT MENUS At Jospers Restaurant in Belfast, we looooove our steak... but only if it's juicy Irish prime aged, grain fed beef! Your T-Bone, Fillet, Sirloin or Rib-Eye is prepared just to your taste.

For diners who want to choose from a wider selection, we also have fresh fish and seafood... hand-picked produce, delicious appetisers... and, of course, elegant desserts.

Jospers Restaurant

All menus items and promotions are subject to availability and may change periodically. Please check with your server when you are seated.

All meat supplies at Ten Square are proudly supplied by the award winning McAtamney Butchers in Ballymena. 

All our fresh fruit & vegetables are supplied by North Down Group. 

Please note our Current Menus are available January - November

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