Cocktail List

Strawberry Daiquiri - £6.75
Bacardi Rum, strawberry liqueur and lime juice blended to perfection. Served Frozen

Watermelon Daiquiri - £6.75
Bacardi Rum, Peach liqueur, Watermelon puree & sour mix blended with ice.

Mango Daiquiri - £6.75
With all the style of the original Daiquiri with added Southern Comfort, Peach liqueur, lime juice and mango puree.

Cosmopolitan - £5.95
Premium vodka, Orange liqueur shaken up with cranberry juice, fresh lime and strained. Served Chilled.

Mojito - £6.75
Bacardi Rum infused with muddled lime wedges and fresh mint surrounded by crushed ice. or Razz Mojito £6.75 with Raspberry Rum

Margarita £6.75
Tequila & lime based with Orange liqueur.Served up or frozen. Salt or no salt.

The Big Red One £6.95
Premium vodka, cranberry & sparkling wine. Simply refreshing. Served chilled.

Lynchburg Lemonade £6.75
A well established favourite with good ol' Jack Daniels. This is the ultimate refresher. With Orange liqueur & a lemonade finish.

Espresso Martini- £5.95
The sophisticated yet approachable stylish classy delicious yummy unforgettable coffee rich go to Martini with Premuim vodka, coffee liqueur & a shot of espresso shaken over ice and served chilled.

Tuscan Sunset £6.75
A cool, fruity drink infused with a golden amber liqueur crafted with fine aged brandy. Served over ice.

Pina Colada £6.95
A tropical classic that evokes the thought of paradise with every sip. Bacardi Premuin Rum, pineapple juice & coconut creme - served frozen.

Strawberries & Cream - £6.75
The perfect summer cocktail. Premium Gin, strawberry & coconut creme. Creamy & sweet to taste. Served chilled. .

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